Terry Cassidy in the Florida Keys
Terry Cassidy

FISHIN an' A-PICKIN in the Florida Keys

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Sunday, September 26, 3019, 6-10

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Sunday, October 17, 3019,

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Terry tells us more about the song Hurricane Hunters which is now available on his latest CD "Unlikely Duo":

In September 2015, in the height of hurricane season, I got an invitation to fly with Hurricane Hunters into hurricane Cristobal. It was a ride I will never forget! We departed from MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, and then flew to the southern end of the Bahamas where we made passes in and out of the eye of the hurricane while gathering data. The song "Hurricane Hunters" is a tribute to the men and women who routinely put themselves at risk to keep us safe. I want to thank Christopher Landsea and his family for putting this trip together.
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