More Fishin
galleries/morefishin/ fname[1] = '001_1.jpg'; cap[1] = "I think i just hooked my thumb? Sabrina"; fname[2] = '003_3.jpg'; cap[2] = "Sabrina likes to catchem not touchem!Dad"; fname[3] = '004_4.jpg'; cap[3] = "Mhyria and Megan opening day lobster season!"; fname[4] = '005_5.jpg'; cap[4] = "OD and TC doubled teamed this bull."; fname[5] = '006_6.jpg'; cap[5] = "Fritz had a good day! T.C."; fname[6] = '007_7.jpg'; cap[6] = "skinny! a long time ago.T.C."; fname[7] = '008_8.jpg'; cap[7] = "snapper bite was on!T.C."; fname[8] = '009_9.jpg'; cap[8] = "John and T.C. cleaned up on the snapper."; fname[9] = '010_10.jpg'; cap[9] = "John O.D. and T.C. at it again!"; fname[10] = '011_11.jpg'; cap[10] = "Megan's first fish! happy kid. Dad."; fname[11] = '012_12.jpg'; cap[11] = "\"T.C. and cousin Bobby, what a team!\""; fname[12] = '013_13.jpg'; cap[12] = "\"Ash,TC,and Pat killing the dolphin!\""; fname[13] = '014_14.jpg'; cap[13] = "\"Sabrina and TC up on the Peace River, Dad.\""; fname[14] = '015_15.jpg'; cap[14] = "TC and John out there on the water.Good job John!"; fname[15] = '016_16.jpg'; cap[15] = "Uncle Bob and the boy's"; fname[16] = '017_17.jpg'; cap[16] = "TC showing off Dans incredible day of fishing!"; fname[17] = '018_18.jpg'; cap[17] = "TC and little Meg."; fname[18] = '019_19.jpg'; cap[18] = "Megan and her first spearfish kill!"; fname[19] = '020_20.jpg'; cap[19] = "Sabrina and dad on their first fishing trip!"; fname[20] = '021_21.jpg'; cap[20] = "Doc and TC hanging out backstage."; fname[21] = '022_22.jpg'; cap[21] = "Sam Bush and TC on break at Merle Fest!"; fname[22] = '023_23.jpg'; cap[22] = "Sabrina and her first fishing pole."; fname[23] = '002_2.jpg'; cap[23] = "\"I think I'll use this for bait, Mom\"";